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About Us


"At Satori Elemental, our mission is to harmonize living and working spaces, fostering well-being and positivity in the lives of our clients. We are committed to integrating holistic interior design and Feng Shui wisdom to create environments that inspire, heal, and empower. Our aim is to transform houses into homes and offices into sanctuaries, promoting balance, abundance, and a deep connection to nature.”



"Our vision is a world where every living and working space is a sanctuary, where the design reflects the soul's aspirations. We envision a future where people experience the profound impact of harmonious environments on their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, both at home and in the workplace. With holistic design and Feng Shui as our guiding lights, we strive to inspire positive change, one space at a time."

About Holistic Design



Feng Shui, pronounced as 'Fung Shway,' is an ancient Chinese practice that literally means 'wind-water.' It recognizes the vital role these elements play in our lives. Originating in Ancient China, Feng Shui offers timeless wisdom on how to harmonize our living spaces with the natural world. By implementing Feng Shui principles in interior design, we can enhance our lives, protect our health, attract wealth, enhance positivity, improve our relationships and so much more.



At Satori Elemental, we firmly believe that your environment is more than just a backdrop; it's a key player in fostering physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. Our design philosophy extends beyond the tangible aspects of aesthetics and functionality; it encompasses your overall wellness.

Essential Elements of Holistic Design

  • Aesthetics: We focus on creating visually pleasing spaces.

  • Air Quality: We recommend HVAC and purification systems to ensure clean, healthy air for better respiratory health.

  • Lighting: We optimize natural and artificial light to promote physical and emotional well-being.

  • Balance: Using Feng Shui techniques, we create balance in spaces to enhance overall well-being and achieve your goals.

  • Energy: We clear negative energy, set positive intentions, and check for electromagnetic disturbances that can affect your nervous system.

  • Color: Colors influence emotions, so we suggest shades that suit the space's purpose and your objectives.

  • Biophilia: We incorporate nature into your environment, improving mood, concentration, and reducing stress and blood pressure.

  • Social Interaction: We design spaces to encourage healthy social interactions, recognizing the importance of relationships.

  • Materials: We choose materials that don't pollute indoor air, ensuring a healthier living space.

  • Sustainability: Our holistic approach considers the broader impact, prioritizing eco-friendly materials and vendors.

Behind the Name : Satori Elemental

SATORI - The Awakening of Consciousness

"Satori" is a term from Zen Buddhism that signifies a moment of profound awakening, a flash of insight that leads to enlightenment. It's the realization of a higher consciousness, a deeper understanding of the self and the world around us.

ELEMENTAL - The Power of Nature's Elements

"Elemental" represents the core elements of nature - earth, water, fire, wood, and metal. These elements are not just physical substances; they are the building blocks of the universe, each with its own energy, symbolism, and influence.

The Essence of Our Brand

At Satori Elemental, our brand encapsulates the journey toward a harmonious and awakened living space. It's about transforming your home into a sanctuary where balance, positivity, and wellness flourish. It's the fusion of ancient wisdom, modern design, and the nurturing embrace of nature.

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